OLYMPIA WA – The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is recruiting enthusiastic, reliable, and committed volunteers who would like to serve as unpaid campground hosts at some of the recreation areas DNR manages across Washington state. Camp hosts provide a positive, helpful, safe, and informative DNR presence for visitors.

Hosts have two primary duties—to conduct general campground maintenance and to act as a primary point of contact for campers. All hosts must complete Basic First Aid training and pass a Washington State Patrol criminal background check.

While each DNR campground has unique characteristics and natural features, the sites are all considered rustic or primitive. Each site’s amenities vary.

The following is a list of DNR recreation areas needing camp hosts and a description of the sites.
If you are interested in volunteering for the DNR as a campground host, please call Christine Redmond, DNR’s Volunteer Program Coordinator, at 360-902-1632 or the contact listed with each site.

Ahtanum Campground
Location: 30 miles southwest of Yakima
Time: June – August
Recreational opportunities: ORV, family camping, and hunting
Host site accommodations: Electricity and water, phone is available within 1/4 mile. Site is not ADA accessible.
Requirements: Host duties include cleaning the campground and conducting routine maintenance. Must be able to lift 30 lbs.
Contact: Mike Williams, 509-925-0975, or michael.williams@dnr.wa.gov

Bear Creek Campground
Location: South side of US Highway 101 at milepost 206, along the Sol Duc River
Time: Summer months only. One-month stay minimum; longer stays are welcome. Campground is open all year.
Recreational opportunities: Sites available for self-contained overnight camping (RVs welcome) and day use. Hiking trail to Sol Duc River. Two ADA-accessible sites and two ADA-accessible toilets. Viewing platform (ADA accessible). Fishing.
Host Site Accommodations: No water or electricity.
Requirements: Two hosts preferred.
Contact: Cathy Baker, 360-374-2860, or cathryn.baker@dnr.wa.gov

Bird Creek Campground
Location: East side of Mount Adams, north of Glenwood
Time: May – October
Recreational opportunities: Family camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and exploring the area’s unique volcanic geology.
Host site accommodations: Primitive amenities, host pad accommodates a 30-foot RV. No phone or water hookups.
Requirements: Maintenance duties negotiable
Contact: Mike Williams, 509-925-0975, or michael.williams@dnr.wa.gov

Dougan Creek Campground
Location: North of Washougal in Southwest Washington
Time: Year round
Recreational opportunities: Day use and tent camping.
Host site accommodations: Host pad accommodates a 24-foot RV. Water, septic, phone, and power hookup available.
Requirements: Two hosts preferred. Must be willing to stay a minimum of one month; longer stays are welcome.
Contact: Jessica Kimmick, 360-577-2025, or jessica.kimmick@dnr.wa.gov

Douglas Falls Campground
Location: Near Colville
Time: May 15 – September 15
Recreational opportunities: Trailer, tent and day-use facilities. One ADA-accessible site.
Host Site Accommodations: Concrete parking pad, storage shed, water, septic, power, and phone provided.
Requirements: One or two hosts. Minimum stay, three months.
Contact: Brett Walker, 509-684-7474, or brett.walker@dnr.wa.gov

Elfendahl Pass Staging Area
Location: Tahuya State Forest, near Belfair.
Time: April 15 – September 15 (potentially year-round or weekend hosting)
Recreational opportunities: Several sites for self-contained overnight camping, picnic shelter, and about 50 day-use parking sites. This is the busiest area in Tahuya State Forest.
Host Site Accommodations: Rustic site. No water or electricity.
Contact: Ray Minish, 360-801-1080, or ray.minish@dnr.wa.gov
Lake Spokane (Long Lake) Campground
Location: Highway 291, south of Tumtum in Stevens County
Time: May 15 – September 15
Recreational opportunities: Trailer, tent and day-use facilities. One ADA-accessible site. Boat launch, swimming area.
Host Site Accommodations: Concrete parking pad, storage shed, water, septic, power and phone provided.
Requirements: Two hosts preferred. Five-month stay minimum. Must have previous hosting experience.
Contact: Brett Walker, 509-684-7474, brett.walker@dnr.wa.gov

Lyre River
Location: Five miles outside of Joyce on the Olympic Peninsula
Time: May – September
Recreational opportunities: 11-site campground. No trail access.
Host Site Accommodations: RV pad, water, no electricity.
Requirements: Two hosts preferred
Contact: Wayne Fitzwater, 360-374-6131, wayne.fitzwater@dnr.wa.gov

Merrill Lake
Location: North of Cougar in Southwest Washington
Time: May – September
Recreational opportunities: Day use, boat launch, tent camping. One of the premier fly-fishing lakes in Washington.
Host Site Accommodations: Pad accommodates a 24-foot RV, with septic hookup. No power, phone or water.
Requirements: Two hosts preferred. One-month stay minimum; longer stays are welcome.
Contact: Jessica Kimmick, 360-577-2025, or jessica.kimmick@dnr.wa.gov

Recreation On DNR-Managed Lands
DNR manages more than 5 million acres of state-owned forest, aquatic, agricultural, conservation and urban lands. Most recreation on these lands takes place in the 2.2 million acres of forests that DNR manages as state trust lands. By law, state trust lands are managed to produce income for schools, universities, prisons, state mental hospitals, community colleges, local services in many counties, and the state’s General Fund. State trust lands are also managed to provide fish and wildlife habitat and educational and recreational opportunities.

DNR-managed lands provide 1,100 miles of trails, 143 recreation sites, and a variety of landscapes throughout Washington State. Recreational opportunities include hiking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, camping, motorized vehicle riding, mountain biking, and boating.

DNR’s main recreation focus is to provide trails, trailhead facilities, and a primitive experience in a natural setting.

4 Responses to “Washington State DNR Seek Volunteer Campground Hosts”

  • Was glad to seed this article for the campground info. I didn’t know these campgrounds existed because they aren’t part of the Washington State Parks system. It might be a good opportunity to host if you want to camp in a rustic setting and don’t need full hookups.

  • Hi Steven:
    Thanks for posting this announcement. But could you please change your headline? This announcement is from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources — not State Parks.

    There’s a distinct difference between the types of recreation these two agencies offer.

    Thank you very much,

    Toni Droscher
    Communications Manager, Recreation Program
    Washington State Department of Natural Resources

  • Steven Fletcher:

    Thanks Toni… appreciate the correction.

  • Hi Brett, My husband and I (Charlie) are still interested in Douglas Falls camp host position. We are volunteers at Sacajawea State Park and have been fingerprinted and had background checks. Two years ago we were hosts at Crawford/Gardener Cave. Our phone # is 509-492-4361. Personal references are Bill and Joanne Savely, your hosts at Starvation Lake. Thank you, Marian Ross

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