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America spends way too much time celebrating the likes of Oprah and Donald Trump and not enough quiet heroes such as Rod Ewers, a member of the Kenyon College maintenance crew who figured out why our RV was out of water and how to fix the problem. The reason was because the motorhome’s water tank was empty and needed to be refilled. This may sound like common logic, but I spent the better part of an hour on the phone in consultation with experts at the vehicle’s manufacturer (when not rushing between my daughter’s graduation events) who seemed as stumped by the problem as I was.

Mr. Ewers, in fact not even a plumber but an electrician with the college, possesses the sort of practical genius that made this country great and that I lack. He diagnosed the issue as a drained water tank and discovered the correct hole at the rear of the vehicle to replenish it (rather than a different orifice on the driver’s side that the folks at Fleetwood, were telling me to use.)

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