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In support of “Great Outdoors Month,” the Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association (PCOA) is teaming up with Cabela’s in Hamburg, Pa., to promote the camping lifestyle on June 10-11. “Get Outdoors and Go Camping…It’s Easy” is the theme that the association has chosen to use for its two-day promotion.

Members of the association will be on hand to greet the guests and give them a 2011 Campground Directory of privately owned parks, according to a news release. The guests will be encouraged to check out the RVs and tents supplied by Maiden Creek Marine and RV in Berks County. They will experience what camping is really like by making mini-s’more around the campfire and singing a few campfire songs. Coloring books will be given to the children and there will be photo opportunities. Expert outfitters from Cabela’s will be demonstrating the newest camping products available and helping campers gear up for their next trip.

“Camping is not only the most affordable vacation around, it also is fun and memorable. In Pennsylvania you have over 230 campgrounds to choose from to make that memory,” said Beverly Gruber, PCOA executive director.

She adds, “Time spent camping or RVing allows you to slow down and gives you the flexibility to pursue what you want and where you want to be. It gives you a chance to rediscover your family and lets you choose the activities your family enjoys. So stop in at Cabela’s and get acquainted with camping and RVing.”

This promotion ties in with the “Great Outdoors Month” in June, being promoted by the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) and proclaimed nationwide by President Obama and nearly every state governor in the United States.

Camping is a family activity which is a great memory-maker. At this Cabela’s event, young families will be encouraged to go camping during the month of June. A coupon is being issued from the Go Camping America website,, that gives a 20% discount on your campground stay. The downloadable coupons are valid only between June 1 and June 25 at participating parks, so when you call to make your reservations, be sure to ask if they will accept the GCA coupon.

Six people will be piling into one RV and visiting 43 Utah state parks in three days.

A videographer will be along for the ride when this sight-seeing group leaves Antelope Island State Park for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

“I can’t wait to see what it’s like when the whole thing is done,” said Barbara Riddle, president and CEO of Davis Area Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. “We’ve been calling it a little like the Chevy Chase ‘Vacation’ tour. Our hope is nobody ends up in the rocking chair on top of the RV on the way back.”

Riddle is one of the road-trippers who will leave Antelope Island at noon on May 12 with the hope of returning to Antelope Island on May 15, after stopping at each of the state parks.

“The idea of the road trip is to showcase the importance, beauty and diversity of Utah’s state park system and rally Utahns to come out and support their favorite state parks, and state parks in their communities,” Riddle said.

The road-trippers have not planned the final route; however, Willard Bay State Park is likely the first destination. After that, the RV will head north to Hyrum and Bear Lake state parks before heading back south.

Riddle said there could be welcoming parties at each spot. She also mentioned that the group plans to drop in at the Utah Tourism Conference in Park City.

The trip has even gained national attention, with the U.S. Travel Association recognizing the trip as an official event.

All Access Recreation Club will provide the RV and Chevron will chip in some cash. The Imagination Company, owned by Francis, will provide the videographer.

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