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Los Algodones Border Crossing

Los Algodones Mexico Border Crossing

Many thousands of snowbirds make their way annually from Canada and the US to Mexico. Many RV and many more drive to warmer destinations and sunnier climates. Often travelers are nervous with reports about drug cartels and have opted to stay home while others just “couldn’t” winter in any other destination.

Mexico road travel experts Bill and Dot Bell have been driving extensively in Mexico for 25 years and offer plenty of advice to make your road trip safer and easier. They also offer a match-making service, Travel Buddies, for people who want to drive together for security and companionship.

“For safety’s sake we suggest drivers read up on the basics for Mexican driving. Don’t drive at night. Get out of border areas as soon as possible. Start your drive days early,” says Dot Bell. “Informed travelers are safer drivers.”

The Bells started the Travel Buddy service for Mexico road travelers five years ago and is free. It lists newbies, caravans as well as experienced drivers that enjoy showing new travelers the roads. “We are pleased that there are drivers that just want to share Mexico with others. It is an amazingly beautiful and diverse country,” says Bell. “Travel Buddies helps build skills and gives confidence to others.”

To sign up for the Free Travel Buddy service, simply send an email to and answer the “Five Magic Questions.”

  1. Name
  2. Which border will you cross
  3. When will you likely cross that border
  4. What is your destination
  5. How do people contact you (Facebook or email)

“We have helped hundreds of travels over the years” say Bill. “Become informed and have a wonderful vacation.”

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Deer Run Campground - Gardners, Pennsylvania

Deer Run Campground – Gardners, Pennsylvania

Southeast Publications and Travel Search Engine for RV Resorts, Campgrounds, Marinas, Recreational Facilities released an app update of the MobileRVing Mobile App with new features and additional listings.

The updated MobileRVing Mobile App provides travelers with the ability to search over 10,000 nearby RV Parks, Resorts and Campgrounds in the US and Canada by Name, State/Province, City, Zip Code radius or simply a listing of nearby locations. The City/Provence, Zip Code and Local Search can now be filtered by distance from ten (10) to two hundred (200) miles with an easy to use distance slider allowing travelers to expand search options and find locations across North America. Travelers can utilize the MobileRVing Mobile App to view detailed park information and amenities, view the parks online guest guide (Mobile Guide) to help pick out a spot, view the mobile guide to view and locate nearby merchants such and local restaurants and attractions, bookmark favorite locations, and access “direct connect” contact information to make your reservation by conta! cting the park via phone, email or website at the touch of a button. The MobileRVing Mobile App also features GPS Navigation/Mapping to guide you directly to your destination.

In addition, the new “Preferred Parks”, approved by Southeast Publications, have been marked with the MobileRVing icon. These parks have been visited by a Southeast Publications Associate and have an excellent reputation within their respected communities.

MobileRVing Mobile App is free and available for download on iTunes, Google Play and Kindle or simply going to

Located at 1815 N. A St., the Woodlands RV Park is now open to all travelers passing through Wellington, Kansas.

Dale Hutchison, co-owner of the Woodlands, said the idea for the RV park came about nearly six months ago during a trip to Alva, Oklahoma.

After the discovery of large oil deposits, Alva was overrun with drillers and other workers who had come to labor in the fields. Without enough proper housing in the town to accommodate the oilmen, many were left to pitch tents, or sleep in campers.

RV site at the new Woodlands RV Park

RV site at the new Woodlands RV Park

“We saw RV trailers parked all over there,” said Hutchison.

“We talked to people at the oil company, and based on their prediction, there are going to be a lot of people coming,” said Hutchison. “We’re planning for a 10 year boom.”

According to Hutchison, the park’s owners wanted to provide residents with every possible amenity, so all 34 parking slots were rigged with underground sewer and electricity hook-ups, along with cable television connections.

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