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Wildwood New Jersey Beach RV ProtestAbout 300 protesters, carrying signs and chanting in unison, walked the Wildwood Boardwalk between Leaming and Hildreth avenues Saturday to fight a city plan to allow recreational vehicles on the beach.

“No RVs on our beach, no RVs,” chanted protesters, many of whom own condominiums at the nearby Wildwood Ocean Towers.

The placards protesters carried summed up some of their concerns.

“We want dunes, not RVs,” read one.

“RVs belong in a campground,” read another.

The city plans to allow RVs on the beach as a way to increase revenue. The city does not have beach tags, but Mayor Ernie Troiano is hoping to create some form of recurring revenue from the strand.

Most of the protesters, who also came from neighboring Wildwood Crest and North Wildwood, were concerned with safety, pollution, noise and other issues.

“Water comes up to the Boardwalk in a storm, and in a good storm comes under the Boardwalk,” said condo owner Bruce Balady. “What will they do, tow out the RVs?”

“I don’t want my grandchildren walking through a trailer park,” said Willa Piplitz, who has lived across the street on Ocean Avenue since 1947.

Condo owner Andy Thomas worried about the types of people who would camp on the beach.

“It will be like an Eagles game with tailgaters getting drunk,” Thomas said.

Pollution is another concern. The park will not have electricity, so the protesters say generators will be running all night long, causing air and noise pollution. Some worry about sewage being dumped on the beach, as the RVs will have to use their own holding tanks while they are there.

“They will dump when nobody’s looking. They don’t want to take it back with them,” said Colette Pecsi, who lives six blocks away in Wildwood Crest.

The area for the RVs has been staked out with 78 spots, but none is actually there yet. Ian Cairns, whose company Point Break Group Management LLC recently received a five-year beach concession contract, said RV rentals will begin this week at $150 a night for a 60-foot spot and $120 for a 30-foot spot.

“It’s a huge beach. There’s tons of room for everyone,” Cairns said.

“All of the issues they are protesting are the same issues we are concerned about. I’ve been a surfer for 45 years. I want to surf in a clean ocean,” Cairns said.

He said a crew will handle trash and there will be security at the RV location. All RVs will be required to pump out sewage before they arrive and, if they fill up, will be required to leave and pump out again. Cairns said RV generators are very quiet.

“They will be an asset to Wildwood and will bring revenue to businesses,” Cairns said.

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Cincinnati, OH October 22, 2010 — Serious football fans, including Family Motor Coach Association members, realize that the best way to bring the party to the parking lot is in a motorhome.

Each weekend during the fall, thousands of football fans sporting colorful hats, shirts, and face paint pour onto college campuses to cheer their favorite team to victory. But these followers arrive hours — sometimes days — ahead of kickoff to do more than just see the game. They’re there to participate in the social phenomenon known as tailgating.

FMCA Members enjoy tailgating at football games

FMCA Members enjoy tailgating at football games

In recent years the tailgate party has become almost as big as the game itself, with participants and their equipment becoming more sophisticated. Today’s savvy tailgaters come prepared to put out a feast fit for an offensive line, with a variety of meats sizzling on the grill, chili simmering in a Crock-Pot, and all types of side dishes and munchies spread upon the tables. Not surprisingly, a growing number of these enthusiasts have discovered that the best vehicle to accommodate their mobile parties is a motorhome.

These rolling residences allow serious tailgaters to bring the convenience of home entertaining to each and every game, even when their favorite team is on the road. Extend the awning, pull out some tables and chairs, fire up the grill, roll out the coolers and food, and you’re ready to welcome other fans — even those rooting for the opposing team.

A motorhome also offers RV amenities that can’t be found in an automobile, namely electrical power; plenty of storage; onboard cooking, refrigeration, and lavatory facilities; and a place to comfortably continue the party should the weather turn ugly. Want to check out other games from around the country before or after your team has played? Many motorhome owners have satellite TV service and sophisticated outdoor entertainment centers with big-screen TVs and high-quality sound systems.

Many groups of motorhome owners park in the same area at home games and travel together for away contests. Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), an international organization of motorhome enthusiasts, has several chapters that were formed specifically for tailgating members who maintain loyalty to a particular school.

Steve Czarsty Sr. was one of the original members of the IPTAY Chapter of Clemson, FMCA’s first tailgating chapter. He said that the group’s mission is twofold: first, to bring together motorhome owners with an interest in Clemson University athletics; second, to broaden the support of IPTAY, Clemson’s athletic foundation, through projects to raise money for athletic and general scholarships at the school.

Besides the typical home-game gatherings — motorhomes can arrive at Clemson’s Memorial Stadium as early as Thursday night and don’t have to leave until Sunday afternoon — the group traditionally hosts a prime rib dinner for the coaches’ wives, organizes an away-game caravan, and attends a spring rally to support athletic activities at the school. In addition to the standard food and fun, home-game weekends may include tours of the academic buildings on campus; a visit to an off-site business or tourist attraction; and a stop at the Clemson dairy store for ice cream, Clemson blue cheese, and milkshakes.

Since the IPTAY Chapter of Clemson formed in 1996, several other motorhome-owning football fanatics have started FMCA tailgating chapters of their own. They include the Gamecock Cruisers (University of South Carolina); Georgia Bulldog (University of Georgia); Hokie Travelers (Virginia Tech University); MSU Rolling Bulldogs (Mississippi State University); and Sooner Coaches (University of Oklahoma).

The Hokie Travelers originally included only Virginia Tech football fans but has expanded to include all types of Hokie supporters, said Bryan Katz, who helped start the chapter in 2005. The chapter parks as a group at home games, but Katz said it can be challenging to find enough room at away games to accommodate his legion of rolling Virginia Tech supporters, which could total more than 30 motorhomes. Sometimes they’re fortunate to find available spots at the game venue; other times they must make reservations at a nearby campground for their pre- and postgame activities.

While tailgating is what led to the formation of these chapters, the groups often will combine their love of football and travel into one event. When Virginia Tech faced Boise State in this year’s season opener at FedExField in Landover, Maryland, the Hokie Travelers arrived a few days early to sightsee in Washington, D.C., before heading to the stadium on Monday night. And since football season lasts just four months, these tailgating chapters will gather at rallies throughout the year to talk recruiting, discuss why the head coach is a genius (or should be fired immediately), and to relive memories.

So, if you own a motorhome but have yet to discover its value as a tailgating machine, what are you waiting for? Fill the coolers, pack the refrigerator, and make arrangements to set up your own party palace the next time you head to the stadium to root on your favorite team. And while you’re there, talk with other motorhome owners about forming an FMCA chapter for fanatics like yourselves.

About FMCA

Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is an international organization for families who own and enjoy the use of self-contained, motorized recreation vehicles known as motorhomes. The association maintains its national headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has nearly 100,000 active member families. FMCA offers its members a number of benefits, including a subscription to its monthly magazine, Family Motor Coaching; an emergency medical evacuation program; trip routing; mail forwarding; and group rates on an emergency roadside assistance program. Perhaps the most important benefit of FMCA membership is the camaraderie and friendships that develop among people enjoying the common interest of motorhome travel and recreation. For more information, visit

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