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RV owners aren’t just looking for a place to spend the night, cook meals and hide out of the rain; they are buying into a lifestyle.

Ask anyone who has driven to the Northwest Territories to see 24 hours of sunlight, or has spent a spring or fall enjoying the scenery of Canada’s East Coast — a recreational vehicle is a ticket to a very different kind of vacation.

Ken Maines has been spending weekends at campsites since he was a child. His family owned a series of RVs, and as an adult he continues the tradition. In fact, he now works in the RV industry.

But Maines still takes time away from running Race Track RV in Airdrie, Alberta to hit the road with wife Charlene and take in the fresh air of the great outdoors.

Maines says the RV lifestyle is about freedom, and it’s a complete 180-degree turn from everyday life.

“When you get to a campsite it doesn’t matter if the Flames lost or the Dow Jones dropped points,” says Maines. “The most important things become ‘what are we going to do this afternoon?’ and ‘what are we going to cook on the open fire?'”

He says it is a joy to be able to park in a beautiful location and go fishing, take a walk or simply relax by the fire. What makes the experience even better, he adds, is that wherever he goes, he meets people with the same priorities.

Not only is taking a trip in an RV a great way to meet new friends, Maines says, it is also a great way to get to know your family.

He says once you get away from all of those distractions at home, you can really have a chance to sit down with your kids and teach them how to fish or make a fire, or just talk.

The RV lifestyle also provides people with the ability to go where they want, when they want.

Maines says instead of taking one trip that may cost $3,000, putting that money every year toward an RV allows people to take vacations, from overnights and weekends to weeks-long holidays, whenever they want.

He says there is so much to discover within driving distance in Alberta, the northern United States and the rest of Canada that there’s no reason to hop on a plane.

An RV owner can take a drive out to Lake Koocanusa one weekend, and then visit the Taber Cornfest the next; take a drive up Highway 7 in Ontario in the fall and see the amazing colours, tour through Quebec — and then do something completely different next time.

“The RV lifestyle is fantastic because you can stay for a day, you can stay for a week, you can stay for a month, or whatever you want.

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According to press reports, the Super Committee is eyeing elimination of the second home mortgage interest deduction as part of a package of spending cuts and tax increases aimed at closing the federal budget gap. RVs qualify for a second home mortgage interest deduction because they are a very popular weekend and vacation “home” for middle class Americans, according to a news release. The second home mortgage interest deduction serves as a powerful incentive for consumers to purchase RVs.

To preserve this important industry sales tool, the RV industry has launched a Congressional e-mail campaign aimed at preserving the deduction. With the deadline for the Super Committee looming, the industry only has this week to influence the U.S. Congress.

In order to expedite and simplify the RV industry’s communication with Congress, RVIA is urging industry members and RV owners to visit RVACT at which contains all the tools needed to let members of Congress know their feelings about any effort to repeal the second home mortgage deduction as it applies to RVs.

Available at the site are a letter for generally interested parties, a letter for dealers, and a letter for suppliers and manufacturers to send to Congress. All of the letters are completely customizable so that interested parties can add specific information and views on the proposal. By entering their name and address, the site will automatically match the individual with their Senators and Congressman and have an email sent to their office.

Once the Super Committee makes its recommendations there is likely to be an up or down vote on the package, so it is seen as critical that any views for input be made before the Super Committee’s deadline.

Besides being a big-box retail store, Walmart parking lots across North America have generally been hospitable to the traveling camper.

But, RVers hoping to stay in the Kamloops, B.C. Walmart parking lot on Hillside Drive for an extended period of time can expect to be turned away.

This past summer, the company SmartCentres, which owns the shopping centre, installed large signs on the lot reminding customers there is no overnight parking for RVs or trucks.

Sandra Kaiser, vice-president of corporate affairs for SmartCentres, said the no-overnight rules were always in place, but not enforced stringently until recently.

She added the measure is not meant to crack down on RVers staying a few hours or even a night, but is intended to address RV owners staying for days and weeks.

“More and more campers were coming and staying for longer periods of time, to the point where we were losing parking spaces that we have to provide to our tenants,” Kaiser said, adding the company had received complaints from tenants in the shopping centre.

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