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cartoon motorhome graphicSullivan, MO — Krystal Kuenzel voiced her unhappiness with the RV ordinance not being enforced after a vehicle sat in front of her residence for 16 days.

She addressed the Bourbon Board of Aldermen last Tuesday.

Kuenzel and her husband, Mike, have expressed their issue with this particular RV several times. In May, the board passed an ordinance that said any motor homes, campers and travel trailers on city streets have just 72 hours of parking before they must be moved.

When city attorney Bob Davis asked Police Chief Mike Pennock if any ticket was issued, Pennock said no.

Ward 2 Alderman Mike Delashmit said there is only so much the board can do.

“We can’t confiscate the RV. We can send him a fine. There’s a series of things that happen,” said Delashmit. “It’s not instantaneous.”
Davis agreed that it is not instantaneous, but that the law is being broken.

He told Kuenzel that the next time it happens, she can call him. Davis said he and Pennock will go speak with the offender and notify him that he’s in violation of the ordinance.

The fine is $500.

Davis investigated the situation before the ordinance was signed into law and found that the RV was obstructing the view of drivers and that it was unsafe.

Kuenzel has described how difficult it is to back out of the driveway.

The issue between Kuenzel and the RV owner has been ongoing. He is an out-of-state resident who comes to periodically visit his mother.
Delashmit said that Kuenzel should notify the police as soon as the RV arrives.

“The clock starts when they get there,” he said.

Story Source — Sullivan Independent News


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