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No, the RV didn’t crash. No one was injured. And it’s not going to explode.

But the upside-down Winnebago at Wenatchee’s All Seasons RV has gotten comments and queries like those from customers and passers-by for the last 12 months.

Yep, January is the one-year anniversary of the installation of the topsy-turvy 32-foot 1986 Winnebago Elandan at the entrance to the RV dealership — which, by the way, last year celebrated 40 years in business.

Gene Halverson Jr., president and owner of the dealership with his parents, Gene Sr. and Pauline, said the idea for the axles-up motorhome came to him in his sleep one night. He had been trying to figure out an easy way to mark All Seasons’ location — something foolproof, something a person just couldn’t miss.

A few months before, he had gotten the Elandan back from a customer who couldn’t make the payments. So Halverson and crew stripped out and sold the motor, transmission, interior furnishings and other stuff to help pay off the RV’s note. They were left with what amounted to a perfect RV on the outside but an empty shell on the inside.

In a moment of inspiration Halverson thought, let’s flip a Winnebago on its back and install it roadside to to make anyone passing by slow down and say wow. So He and employees built a special rig — sort of like giant RV rotisserie — to hold and lift the RV at each end, and then they slowly rolled it over. The entire flip took nine minutes.

Now, the upside-down Winnebago calls to lovers of old RVs and of weird things in general. It gets washed just like one of the normal RVs on the sales lot. And it’s the perfect place to string promotional banners (“You Will FLIP Over Our Deals!”) and Christmas lights.

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A website posted photos and provided an address in Grand Island, Nebraska. But a Google map search and Grand Island police indicate there is only a vacant lot at the address listed on the website.

A California woman named Pam, who doesn’t want her last name used, believed there was a RV dealership and that her $20,000 down payment would lead to a motor home. Pam said, “On the website there were pictures of RVs with a sign in the background so absolutely I thought there was a big lot there.”

Nebraska State Patrol Auto Fraud investigator Gene True said he couldn’t find any State license for Grand Island Truck and RV center. He said three buyers have filed reports that campers or motor homes they purchased had not been delivered. True said one man drove to Grand Island from Oregon only to discover the dealership was not at the address on the website.

True said the victims have reported losses totaling almost $60,000. True said, “I’ve never heard of anybody getting their money back.”

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Winds pushing 60 miles per hour leveled crops, flattened highway signs on metal posts, and toppled recreational vehicles at a RV dealership.

“I was on the phone in my office with a customer and I saw one of our units go passed my window at about 20 miles an hour. I realized at that point that we had some severe weather,” business manager Rob Kohloff said.

A trailer at Quietwoods RV weighing 11,000 pounds was picked up, spun around, and slammed down on its side.

Another trailer was pushed back about 30 feet, leaving a skid mark in the pavement as it was being dragged.

The Quietwoods RV business manager says one of his employees witnessed the 11,000-pound trailer get scooped right off the ground.

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