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Class C Motorhome on Display in China

Class C Motorhome on Display in China

BEIJING CHINA – Dong Linmin, 40, is planning a family vacation this winter to escape the cold and snow of Beijing. He said he wants to spend quality time with his family as they trek across the country to Hainan.

But Dong isn’t flying there, nor is he taking a train. He’s one of the rare Chinese drivers who will be exploring China in a recreational vehicle (RV).

“A trip down to Hainan during the coldest days in Beijing is probably the best way to break in my RV,” said Dong, who bought his RV two months ago.

Dong, managing director of a Beijing logistics company, is one of only 5,000 owners of an RV in China. But as car sales grow in the nation, the central and local governments are making a push to promote the use of not only RVs but RV camps and trailer parks. The China National Tourism Administration is encouraging more local governments to open up camps and tourist spots.

China is also looking to import RVs from the United States from Thor Industries. And last year, Beijing created a plan to install recreational vehicle campsites in 10 suburban areas and counties around the capital. There are currently 30 such camps throughout China.

RVs in China currently cost around 200,000 to 500,000 yuan ($30,894 to $77,235) for a domestic RV, whereas imports cost as much as 1 million yuan or more.

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DELTONA — Britt Reints, blogger, freelance travel writer and mother of two had no inkling how her life would change when she tweeted something about how it would be cool to be on the road all the time.

Someone responded that at least two families were already doing just that: one traveling around Europe and Asia and another bicycling from Alaska to Argentina.

“It’s easier once you know it’s possible,” she said.

So she, her husband, Jared, 11-year-old son Devin and 6-year-old daughter Emma set out to see if it was possible to sell their home and most of their stuff, scrape together some money and take off in an RV trailer hooked to a Chevy TrailBlazer.

On Tuesday, they cleaned out the last of the stuff from a four-bedroom house.

Jared said he had a hard time parting with his motorcycle and old T-shirts. Britt didn’t relish selling her shoes and purses at her three garage sales. And the kids hated parting with the family cat, who they took to a shelter on Tuesday.

They headed out June 1st for a yearlong RV trip and all of the Reints are looking forward to their adventure in their own ways.

The Reints estimate it will cost them about $46,000 to make the rounds of the Continental 48 in a year’s time. They’ve saved about half that amount and are hoping to make up the rest with Britt’s freelance work.
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A new generation of Americans searching for ways to have fun in a wobbly economy is giving a boost to the 100-year-old RV industry.

Wholesale deliveries of RVs to retailers totaled 84,500 in the first four months of 2010, nearly double the total from the same period last year, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association reported last week.

Some RV camps and resorts are seeing double-digit percentage jumps in occupancy and in new faces, according to Linda Profaizer, president and CEO of the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds. “It had been mainly the 55-plus,” she says. “The fastest-growing segment is the younger market – 35 to 47 – younger people entering the market with families.”

Reasons: Affordability, a return to simple pleasures and a desire to get kids outdoors and away from electronic screens.

Don’t own an RV? They can be rented and delivered to a campsite at any of the 14,000 RV camps and resorts in the U.S. and Canada. About 8,000 camps are privately-run. The rest are in public parks.

Campgrounds and resorts are adding amenities to offer more than simply a site to pitch a tent or park a pop-up camper. Their goal is to keep city slickers entertained and comfortable.
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