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monopoly go to jailA new rule for recreational vehicles was inserted in a catch-all bill approved last week by Iowa legislators. Sen. Tod Bowman, a Democrat from Maquoketa, says it’s a crackdown on tax evasion, Radio Iowa, Des Moines, reported.

“What this will do is close the loophole by addressing a sham or a shell fake (limited liability) corporation specifically being in place in the state of Montana,” Bowman says.

“We’re talking about million-dollar RVs or luxury vehicles that are being registered out-of-state, but they’re being driven in the state of Iowa, they’re maintaining residence in the state of Iowa, but they’re getting through this loophole and not paying their user fee.”

Montana does not charge sales tax, so people around the country have set up corporations in Montana to avoid paying their home state’s sales tax on the purchase of expensive motorhomes. Bowman says some Iowans are using that loophole.

“If you’re talking about a $25,000 vehicle, that might mean $2,000, but if you’re talking about a million dollar vehicle, it’s $50,000,” Bowman says.

The proposal that has cleared the legislature makes it a crime for an Iowa resident who does not use their RV to do business for a Montana-based corporation to evade Iowa taxes by registering their motorhome in Montana. Bowman says motorhomes create wear and tear on the state’s roads just like other vehicles and the state sales taxes paid on motorhome purchases help finance road repairs.

“That money goes directly to our Road Use Tax Fund,” Bowman says. “We all know the need in our Road Use Tax Fund.”

Sales taxes on motor vehicles and state taxes charged on motor fuel are deposited in the state Road Use Tax Fund, but officials say the fund is at least $250 million short of covering the amount of repair and construction needed in Iowa’s road system.

Some states have set up tip lines for residents to call in and report on neighbors who have an RV with Montana plates. This motorhome sales tax issue was included in a huge bill that cleared the legislature on its final day. The governor has the authority to item veto sections of the bill and he routinely refuses to say in advance whether he’ll approve or veto proposals.



Bodega Bay RV Park Bodega Bay, California

Bodega Bay RV Park Bodega Bay, California

Safeco Insurance has announced the redesign of, a website designed to inspire RV enthusiasts (along with boaters, motorcyclists and road-trippers) with thousands of ideas for places to go and things to do with their favorite vehicles.

“Nobody buys an RV to simply keep it in the driveway,” said Matt Nickerson, president, Safeco Insurance. “RVs are the gateway to a lifestyle that allows people to get out and do the things they love. LiveLifeLocal connects people who are passionate about their vehicle and the life it provides with the activities, resources and network to get the most out of them.”

The site features a new photography-heavy format and enhanced content that encourage users to explore everything they can do with their vehicle of choice. This may come in the form of a scenic highway, a campground with all the right hook ups for an RV or great vistas and unique sites to stop at during the family’s next road trip.

To further enhance the user-experience, LiveLifeLocal has partnered with several experts to showcase their insider knowledge of these vehicles and lifestyles. This roster of lifestyle experts includes authors like Brad Herzog, road trip aficionado and author of multiple books, including Turn Left at the Trojan Horse and Small World: A Microcosmic Journey. These partnerships will give users access to tips, featured activities and regular blog posts from the folks who have the inside scoop on it all.

Some significant site developments include:

  • Personalized experience: Visitors to the site can sort content by vehicle type and keyword, giving them highly tailored content, images and more.
  • National perspective: Whether looking to travel thousands of miles or planning to stay close to home, users can instantly view activities that are relevant to any geographic location, plus suggestions for activities that are nearby.
  • Social connections. Users can now like and comment on individual posts to connect with users who share similar lifestyles and interests. The site also features easy ways to share content across several social networks.

“The ability to drill down to a specific lifestyle based on your vehicle, plus easy ways to share and connect through social media, make Safeco’s LiveLifeLocal a one-of-a kind resource,” added Nickerson.

To become a part of this new community and for more information, visit:

LISLE, Ill., Aug. 6, 2012 – Monaco RV, a manufacturer of motorized and towable recreational vehicles, today announced that it is changing its name to Navistar RV.

Monaco, Holiday Rambler and R-Vision brands will remain distinct and intact under the Navistar RV subsidiary of Navistar, Inc. “The integration of Navistar and Monaco RV has resulted in better products and higher efficiencies,” said Daniel Ustian, Navistar chairman, president and chief executive officer.

2012 Monaco Knight Motorhome

2012 Monaco Knight Motorhome

Navistar, Inc., producer of industry leading school buses, commercial trucks and defense vehicles, acquired Monaco RV in 2009. Monaco, Holiday Rambler and R-Vision have been part of the Navistar family of brands for the last three years. Since the acquisition, the company has streamlined operations and appointed a new executive management team. Navistar has also fully integrated the design, development, testing and validation of its RVs with the company’s commercial truck and bus product development organization.

The company maintains manufacturing operations for its R-Vision and Holiday Rambler towable units in Harrisburg, Ore., and Elkhart, Ind. The company’s Monaco and Holiday Rambler brand motorized RVs are produced in a fully integrated manufacturing facility located in Wakarusa, Ind., with powertrain, chassis and body assembly in one dedicated facility.

“Navistar brings more than 100 years of vehicle development and design experience to the Monaco, Holiday Rambler and R-Vision brands,” said William Osborne, president of Navistar RV. “With a foundation of Navistar’s business and design excellence, we’ll continue to produce some of the best recreational vehicles in the market.”

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