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In North Dakota, the usual start of the camping season is the Memorial Day weekend, still a couple of months down the road. But then nothing about this year, at least weather-wise, has been usual.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has announced the Downstream Campground will open for the season May 4 and East Totten and Wolf Creek camping areas will open a couple of days earlier, on May 1.

The wing walls at the Tailrace are now open for fishing. The West Tailrace access road will undergo some repairs later this year and is now gravel. It is an improvement, however, over the crater-sized potholes.

With the price of gas these days, campers will most likely be sticking closer to home. It has been a trend in recent years that when gas prices get close to the $4-a-gallon mark, campers tend to stick closer to home, go less often and stay longer.

Another trend is a lot of campers take advantage of the seasonal sites at some of the campgrounds that are maintained by local park districts.

The bottom line for camping enthusiasts is planning will be important, so it will be a good idea to take advantage of reservation systems.

State parks offer reservations by phone or online. The toll-free number is 800-807-4723 or visit the state parks website at

Many other camping areas are first-come, first-served, so that makes the planning process more important.
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The Walmart parking lot in Williston, North Dakota, and the many people that have lived there during the past three years, have been featured in the New York Times, CNN, YouTube, NBC and countless other regional, national and even international media organizations.

The parking lot has been called a “mecca” for job seekers and Williston’s “pioneer square,” and has become notorious by longtime locals and newcomers alike.

For many who have come to Williston seeking a new job and a new life during the past few years, it is one of the first places they go -with a camper in tow.

No more. A section of the parking lot used to look like a trailer park. Every long-term trailer has been removed.

The parking lot has been the site of a continuing conflict of trailer-owners moving in, being ticketed and ordered off by law enforcement, sometimes moving out, and others moving in a constant ebb and flow.

Most Walmart stores around the country are more lenient with trailers and recreational vehicles parking overnight. The Williston Walmart has not allowed trailers to park overnight for some time. During the past year, store officials have routinely called police to come and ticket and tell those in the campers to leave.

By the next day, however, a new group of campers arrives, and the process begins anew.

At least, it used to.

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Now hiring our Campground Manager.

The Campground Manager oversees the entire Medora Campground operations, including site maintenance, facilities cleanliness, store merchandise stocking and sales, guest service representative training and office check-in procedures, scheduling, and coordination with other department heads to solve problems as they arise. Campground and/or management experience required. Reports to hospitality manager. Must display the ability to work calmly and efficiently with guests and employees in a fast-paced environment. Must be willing and able to train new employees on reservation system, in job duties, and customer service best practices. Campground typically open May 20 – September 15, with set up required before opening and inventory time needed after closing.

Job Contact Info

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF) operates hospitality entities in historic Medora, North Dakota, on a year-round basis. We operate hotels, retail, food service, and attractions including the Bully Pulpit Golf Course, the Medora Musical, and the Pitchfork Steak Fondue. The city of Medora is located at the entrance to the south unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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