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by Wayne Moore – Kelowna – Story: 99892

RCMP are looking for a motorhome with Florida plates after the vehicle blew past a flagger in a construction zone on the Trans Canada Highway near Salmon Arm Thursday.

The incident occurred shortly after a two vehicle collision in the same area.

According to police a vehicle turning left off the highway, in the construction zone east of Salmon Arm about 11 a.m. Thursday, was hit from behind by a westbound vehicle.

The drivers were taken to hospital with whiplash type injuries.

At the same time, a motorhome with Florida plates drove into the oncoming lane toward a flagger who was holding a stop sign.

The flagger had to move out of the way of the motorhome which continued past the accident scene, past the flagger attempting to stop it at the other end and. It then continued west on the Trans Canada Highway.

Police were en route to the collision and were unable to deal with the driver of the motorhome.

The licence plate has been noted and police say they will deal with the driver.

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cartoon motorhome graphicAs Pat Biggs and Loren McDougall began their RV trip from International Falls to Oregon in their motorhome on Wednesday, the two-door Pontiac hitched behind suddenly broke free and careened off the highway and down a 50-foot ditch, reports the Bemidji Pioneer.

According to Jeff Lofgren of Southside Towing, the hitch, connecting the Pontiac’s rear end to the back of the RV, snapped free and ripped the small car’s rear bumper off in the process. The car veered into the left, northbound lane of Highway 71 and down a steep embankment, says the Bemidji Pioneer.

No cars were traveling in the northbound lane when the accident occurred.

“We were very lucky that there were no cars in the other lane or people on the side of the road when it happened,” Biggs said. “I’m glad no one was hurt.”

For the complete story from the Bemidji Pioneer, click here.


Seeley familyThree years ago, Todd Seeley was literally working a stressful job as a coal miner in Colorado. Before that, he was in a demanding job as a heavy equipment mechanic working for Caterpillar. Both of which meant he didn’t see his family much.

They wanted better control of their lives and a life change, which revolved around travel, so they could show their son America on a very personal journey.

“Our pastor knew we were exploring the idea of jumping into the RV lifestyle and he suggested we talk to another couple at church whom he knew ran a business from their RV every winter,” he explained. “By the end of the conversation, they sold us their business — and their motorhome.”

“The family we bought it from had spent several winters traveling around and building window shades for RV owners,” Renee explained. “They were not full-time RVers, but they had been for quite a while. The couple built shades to supplement their retirement income.”

God’s hand was clearly at work, they explained. “We thought it would take six months or even a year for everything to go through and make the deal, but everything happened within a few months,” she added.

Their home in Colorado had been on the market for months, but they still didn’t have any offers. Yet, over a four-hour period one afternoon, they got the house leased and bought the business and the coach. And the guy who wanted their home, also wanted just about every piece of furniture in it as well.

“All we had to do was clean out the closets,” Renee said.

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