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The new owner of an old Shelby County campground near Boggstown, Ind., has some big plans, but also faces some big obstacles.

Brian Newton bought the Walnut Grove Campground in February and is attempting to fix it up — a huge undertaking because of the size of the 30-acre campground and the inherent difficulty of getting a campground up and running, the Shelbyville News reported.

“It’s proved challenging,” Newton said.

The campground has some issues with water and electricity utilities, and some of those issues had attracted attention from state agencies, which ordered it temporarily closed. That order still stands. Signs at the entrance of the campground warn people that the park is closed and that visitors are not welcome.

Newton’s plan is to make the campground into a craft site aimed at seniors.

He wants to make it a place people can come in their campers and sit around and play the dulcimer and make hand-made brooms and the like. Newton himself has a broom shop with old-fashioned tools and old fashioned broom corn he uses to make old fashioned brooms.

“People want what’s real,” Newton said. “The crafts from the old days are what’s real.”

When Newton says he wants what’s real, part of what he means is breaking with some of its recent past. It won’t be a place to have a loud, all-night party.

“I want people to think of this as a positive thing,” he said.

Tobacco won’t even be allowed. He wants to bring the campground more or less back to its roots, from the late 1800s, a time, according to some evidence found on the grounds, when the grounds had settlers.

“You can see it if you’ve got the vision,” he said.

Newton is a businessman who grew up in Carroll County and eventually found himself out west with a different venture. He said he wanted to find a campground to own, and he found Walnut Grove in his native Indiana.

Whenever the campground opens and the roads and other infrastructure are fixed, Newton said he imagines it a peaceful place among the trees, with wildlife and a stream full of fish where people can get in touch with a simpler time.

“The park is going to be an experience,” he said.

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The RV/MH Hall of Fame continues to open its doors every day, playing host to the streams of RVers eager to view the industry’s past and present depicted in the array of eye-catching and instructive displays.

That in itself is an accomplishment, says Tom McNulty, who took the reins as executive director of the financially strapped museum around eight months ago. “When I first came on board, there were people that were saying we wouldn’t last two months,” he said. “But we’re still here, and our hope is we’ll be here for the long run.

Vintage Travel Trailer on Display at RV/MH Hall of Fame

Vintage Travel Trailer on Display at RV/MH Hall of Fame

“There are some good things happening and actually our cash flow is better than it’s been in a couple of years. Attendance during the summer was 100 to 150 people a day and we are seeing greater returns from our convention center.”

McNulty is by no means trying to mask the financial quandary that fostered those doomsday predictions. The hall, which officially opened in March of 2007 on the northeast side of Elkhart, Ind., continues to run in the red, exacerbated by the country’s economic collapse and a resulting accumulation of debt that came to a head in the past year.

“We are still in the throes of negotiating our debt,” McNulty said. “At times we think we see the light at the end of the tunnel, but then someone turns off the switch. It’s very frustrating to say the least.”

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Forest River Inc., a manufacturer of recreational vehicles based in Elkhart, Ind., has announced the formation of FROG – Forest River Owners Group. FROG is another step in the company’s mission, “to help all our customers enjoy their outdoor activities to the fullest.”

Membership in FROG is available at no cost to owners of Forest River and affiliated brand recreational vehicles, including Coachmen, Dynamax, Palomino, Prime Time and Shasta.

Forest River notes, FROG is not intended to replace the Coachmen Owners Association (COA), which this year marks its 45th anniversary. COA continues to thrive and to offer trips, rallies, insurance and program discounts to Coachmen owners.

The primary focus of FROG will be on escorted trips and rallies throughout North America. International and regional rallies will bring together members from both the United States and Canada. In addition, escorted trips will enable members to share travel experiences with others who share their interests.

“One thing that sets FROG apart from many other groups is we do not charge dues,” says FROG Director Bob Byrne. “We want to give our owners more opportunities to enjoy their Forest River products, not to impose costs or time commitments on them. We’ll be offering a variety of activities, trips, rallies, special offers and more. Members will pay only for those in which they choose to participate. FROG is basically a ‘thank you’ from Forest River to our owners.”

To learn more about FROG, visit the group’s website at

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