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Escapees RV Club Women Build day held by Habitat for Humanity of Polk County

Escapees RV Club Women Build day held by Habitat for Humanity of Polk County

Escapees RVers are known for their caring and sharing ways. One example is their involvement with Habitat for Humanity. Across the country, Escapees can be found on Habitat builds all year long. Are you coming to the 51st Escapade in Gillette, WY? If so, you can talk to the representatives on The Row and learn more about this generous, caring organization and how you can get involved as you travel.

There is also a Habitat affiliate in Polk County, home of the Escapees Club’s national headquarters! The affiliate was officially recognized by Habitat for Humanity International in April 2003 and has since built 12 Habitat homes in the county. The most recent was this May, when 23 women and four men gathered to raise the first walls on the house that will be home to Nancy Poncho and her five kids.

This was the fourth Women Build day held by Habitat for Humanity of Polk County, an event that has taken place annually in Polk County since 2008. Partnering again with Lowe’s, the women worked under the guidance of SKP John Dryton and Joe Westmoreland, construction committee co-chairs for the local affiliate, and volunteer SKP Jim Conner. SKP Cathy Conner served as the women’s supervisor for the day.

Some of the women who worked have participated in all four of the Women Build days held by the local Habitat affiliate. Others were returnees from previous Women Build days. Still others were brand-new to the experience. All agreed it was a good day, and they felt proud of what they accomplished. The most common comment heard was, “That was fun. I’ll be back next year!”

For more information on Polk County builds, contact Susie Gearing, affiliate president, at

Habitat for Humanity – Escapees C-BOF

The purpose of the Habitat for Humanity C-BOF (HFH) is to make all Escapees aware of Habitat International and RV Care-A-Vanners. Their aim is to show you how to enjoy the best of the RV lifestyle while making an active contribution to the elimination of poverty housing in this country and abroad.

Escapees BOF (Birds of a Feather) groups are comprised of people who share a common interest. In order to belong to a BOF, one must be a member in good standing of the Escapees RV Club.

HFH is dedicated to the ideal that all people deserve a simple, decent place to live, on terms they can afford. For more information, contact Nevin Daniel at

Information about all Escapees RV Club BOFs can be found at

Angie Carr, Escapees RV Club executive director, was thrilled by the results they received from the recent demographic survey. She reported, “We not only met our target response rate, we broke that number and just kept on tallying!”

While results are still being analyzed, a brief snapshot tells us some very important things about the most important RVers in the world; our members!

  • Nearly 50 percent of you travel with pets.
  • The average member travels 8 – 10 thousand miles each year and typically stays in an RV park 80 percent of the time.
  • Approximately 55 percent use the Escapees discount park program when a park is available or convenient.
  • The top five most important attributes in an RV park selected by responders are:
    1. Well-maintained
    2. Friendly
    3. Large sites
    4. Laundry and WiFi (nearly a tie)
    5. 50 amps
  • Escapees magazine received raving reviews with 75 percent indicating that they read the magazine from cover to cover and a whopping 82 percent told us not to change a thing!
  • When asked what topics interest readers most, they chose technical, travel, and RV lifestyle as their top three picks.
  • Escapees Mail Service was the number one reason folks claimed to be first motivated to join the club, with RV knowledge, Escapees magazine, and friendships trailing closely behind.

And, perhaps most telling of all, is the 98 percent that said that they are pleased with their membership and recommend Escapees RV Club to others!

Joe Peterson, co-founder of the Escapees RV Club, died Wednesday (Dec. 22) in Houston.
Peterson and his wife, Kay, founded the club in 1978. They were 2001 inductees into the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind.

The Petersons were owners/developers of 18 RV parks in 11 states and were widely recognized consumer educational seminar speakers at RV events. They authored numerous self-help books on the RV lifestyle.

For over 20 years they developed the Escapees RV club, mail and message forwarding service and coordinating medical insurance. They operated an adult day care and residency program near their office in Livingston, Texas.

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