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RV Comfort Systems announced their patented CheapHeat™ Add-on Electric Heating System is now available to the public, through their web site.  In the past, RV Comfort Systems only sold their product through OEM’s and RV Service Centers.  Because of customer demand, they are now going to offer the CheapHeat™ Add-on and Stand-A-Lone electric heating system, to the public through their web site.

RV Comfort Systems CheapHeat™ Add-on Electric Heating System

RV Comfort Systems CheapHeat™ Add-on Electric Heating System

With CheapHeat™  system installed the RV owner has the option of simply flipping a switch to use either Electric, or Gas to heat their coach through the installed central forced air heating system.

The RV Comfort Systems CheapHeat™ product is designed to be a 100% heating system. In most cases with this system, when the RV is plugged to an OEM recommended shore power source, the owner will be able to use electricity to heat their RV, to temperatures as low a zero degrees outside with out any supplemental heat.

The CheapHeat™ system is UL certified and RVIA compliant, in both the United States and Canada.  It uses a single smart controller that works all configurations, and is available with 3 different styles of adapter for the multi stage heater which works with either an Atwood or Suburban furnace.

For more information, visit the the RV Comfort Systems website or contact Larry McGaugh at RV Comfort Systems, phone number 425-408-3140.


“I was stunned. I called my wife and said, ‘Somebody stole my coach,’” said Larry Socha, recalling how he ran some banking errands with his 90-year-old mother the Saturday morning before Memorial Day, returned to the Walmart parking lot in Glen Ellyn where he had spent the night, and discovered that his luxury 40-foot, 22.5-ton RV with the safe full of cash and the 25-foot trailer for his Mustang GT had been towed away by order of the WalMart manager.

2000 Prevost Marathon XL MotorcoachSocha, who drove his 2000 Prevost Marathon XL from his home in New Jersey to visit his mom in Glen Ellyn and attend his 50th high school reunion, has parked at several Wal-Marts during his travels and also supports campgrounds. He parked at Walmart this time not to save 30 or 40 bucks but because it would have taken him more than two hours to drive to the nearest campground and back.

He said that last year he left the same motorhome in the same Walmart parking lot for three or four days during a visit as his dad was dying. He said he didn’t even see the signs this time reading: “No truck parking. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at owner’s or operator’s expense & liability. Towing enforced at all times.”

“The manager did knock on the door a couple of times before calling for the tow truck”, Walmart spokeswoman Kayla Whaling said. “Walmart values RV travelers and considers them among our best customers. Consequently, we do permit RV parking on our store lots as we are able,” reads a Walmart statement. “Permission to park is extended by individual store managers, based on availability of parking space and local laws. Please contact management in each store to ensure accommodations before parking your RV.”

Socha said he found the store on a website that lists free overnight parking, but Whaling said Wal-Mart doesn’t keep a list of what stores allow parking or how many people do park.

A Walmart customer and stockholder, Socha said he was upset that Walmart denied his claim to have the company pay his towing bill.

“Will I stop shopping there? No, I’m not a jerk,” Socha said. “I learned a lesson.”

He said he just wants to warn others and perhaps push Walmart to be a little more sensitive and communicative about this issue. There’s no use fighting over $872.50, which he said is basically “a tank of gas,” but he said he wouldn’t mind an admission that the situation could have been handled better.

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NAPPANEE, IN. Newmar Corporation, is pleased to announce a new wheelchair accessible floor plan designed exclusively for the Canyon Star gas motorhome line up for 2012.



Newmar has had numerous conversations with retail customers about their desire to purchase a wheelchair accessible motorhome.  In response to their specific needs, Newmar’s engineering department has developed a new Canyon Star 3911 gas motorhome floorplan which addresses many of the features our customers have requested.

The 2012 Canyon Star 3911 features include:

  • 48” wide power wheelchair lift with a wired remote control.
  • A 30” wide path from the front of the coach to the bed while the unit is in travel mode (slide rooms in) for wheelchair access.
  • A large open floor area on the front side of the bed for easy access.
  • The bathroom in the Canyon Star 3911 provides a large 48 x 37 roll-in shower with seat, a lavatory that is open under the bowl for use with a wheelchair, and a medicine cabinet with mirrors that are placed down lower.
  • Grab assist bars have been placed in the shower and around the stool.
  • In the kitchen Newmar has incorporated a new cook top and microwave combination that places the convection microwave below the cook top for easy access by a wheelchair occupant.
  • The Canyon Star 3911 has a standard “L” dinette that allows seating on the side or back bench as well as plenty of space to accommodate a wheelchair.
  • Other features include moving all the switches, monitor panel, and EMS panel from the top of the entrance door cabinet to a cabinet just behind the passenger seat for access while sitting in wheelchair.

The 2012 Canyon Star 3911 starts at a retail base price of $156,492 before options.

For more information about Newmar products, visit

Established in 1968 Newmar is an innovator and leader in the RV manufacturing industry and recognized nationally for its excellence in quality.  Newmar is privately owned and has a dealer network that spans across the United States and Canada.  Newmar is located at 355 N. Delaware Street, Nappanee, Indiana.

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