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Los Algodones Border Crossing

Los Algodones Mexico Border Crossing

Many thousands of snowbirds make their way annually from Canada and the US to Mexico. Many RV and many more drive to warmer destinations and sunnier climates. Often travelers are nervous with reports about drug cartels and have opted to stay home while others just “couldn’t” winter in any other destination.

Mexico road travel experts Bill and Dot Bell have been driving extensively in Mexico for 25 years and offer plenty of advice to make your road trip safer and easier. They also offer a match-making service, Travel Buddies, for people who want to drive together for security and companionship.

“For safety’s sake we suggest drivers read up on the basics for Mexican driving. Don’t drive at night. Get out of border areas as soon as possible. Start your drive days early,” says Dot Bell. “Informed travelers are safer drivers.”

The Bells started the Travel Buddy service for Mexico road travelers five years ago and is free. It lists newbies, caravans as well as experienced drivers that enjoy showing new travelers the roads. “We are pleased that there are drivers that just want to share Mexico with others. It is an amazingly beautiful and diverse country,” says Bell. “Travel Buddies helps build skills and gives confidence to others.”

To sign up for the Free Travel Buddy service, simply send an email to and answer the “Five Magic Questions.”

  1. Name
  2. Which border will you cross
  3. When will you likely cross that border
  4. What is your destination
  5. How do people contact you (Facebook or email)

“We have helped hundreds of travels over the years” say Bill. “Become informed and have a wonderful vacation.”

See Travel Buddies here

Go to the Bell’s website at


RV Care Network sale bannerRV Care network of dealers is holding its national sale of RV parts and supplies this week with over 40 dealers across Canada participating. The event will run through May 20 during Canada’s Victoria Day extended weekend.

RV Care said that a selection of popular products are featured at excellent retail prices in all participating locations. In addition each location has their own in-store specials and spring service specials to help customers prepare for the start of the Canadian RV season.

“We’re a national dealer network so it makes sense to offer our customers a national sale,” said Don Sneyd of Ruston RV Center in Burlington, Ontario. “Using our collective volume and working with our partners at Coast and Dometic, we’re pleased to provide our customers with the best prices they’ll see all year on products they need to start the season.”

Parts managers and dealers throughout the network will be utilizing marketing materials provided by RV Care in store while also promoting the event on their websites and sending emails/mail-outs to their customers. “Being part of something bigger truly is better when it means we can provide our customers with the best prices on products they want and need,” said Peter McAuliffe, parts manager at Vellner Leisure Products in Red Deer, Alberta.

In addition to the local advertising by the dealers, all national online advertising done by RV Care has been converted to promote the sale. Website activity has spiked as a result indicating strong interest and the potential for strong sales over the next 10 days.

The RV Care network is the largest network of independent RV dealers with locations across Canada that are committed to helping the traveling customers of all RV Care and Priority RV Network dealerships.

cartoon motorhome graphicTravelers entering Canada, hoping to dodge a few extra dollars in taxes, ended up paying significantly more after their schemes were uncovered by Canada Border Services Agents at border crossings in North Portal and the Estevan Highway in March of this year.

CBSA agents report a Saskatchewan resident importing a motorhome declared its value at US$21,500.

CBSA officers conducted a routine secondary examination and found an Internet listing for the motorhome and after contacting the sellers, determined the motorhome had actually been purchased for US$36,500 and therefore had been undervalued at the port by $15,000.

The motorhome was seized and returned to the purchaser after he had paid a penalty of $8,485.13 to retrieve it. If the motorhome had been correctly declared, the taxes owing would have amounted to just over $771.

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