>Tuesday, December 23, in the predawn black and a cold snap that plummeted temperatures to 18 degrees in the north Georgia mountains, we boarded the Four Winds Magic Bus for our maiden RV adventure that would take us from our Appalachian Mountain home to a warm, flatlander Christmas with family in Pasco County, Florida (Lake Padgett area). This area was home to us for 19 years prior to relocating last year.

Eventually, I eased the 31-foot RV and toad down the mountain that we live on and onto the highway. Right away I noticed the steering wheel pulled to the right. At first I rationalized that the “pull” was normal when towing, but the big V-10 didn’t seem to have the power that it did when I drove it sixty-five miles after picking it up in Summerville, Georgia. I checked the Jeep through the rear camera system and all seemed normal so I brought the RV up to 55 mph. Just then, a semi pulled alongside. The driver flipped on his cab light so that I could see him and pointed rearward, indicating that I needed to pull over and check my load. I’m glad I did, and God bless that trucker.
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