Ray and Lorraine Judd of Huddleston returned recently from a two-month trip across the country in a camper van. It was just the two of them, and they spent every night except two in the van. And yes, they are still married. “This wasn’t an RV, but a little van,” said Lorraine. “It’s a good thing we get along well.” The couple knew what they were getting into; it was their second trip across country. “We took the southern route in 1992 and this was the northern route,” she said. The couple retired to the lake in 1990. Ray, a former industrial engineer, and Lorraine, who previously worked in accounting, are both pilots and often fly themselves around the country to visit their six children and five grandchildren. Among the places they’ve traveled to overseas: Spain, Portugal and Hawaii. By far, their favorite place, said Lorraine, is the United States.
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RVers- How do they live like that?
Full-time RVing is not dropping off the face of the earth. It is not an endless vacation. Judy Farrow and Lou Stoetzer in RVers — How do the live like that? have shown what RV life is like, styles of RVing and what to expect as a full-timer. Sprinkled with actual cases, it makes for fascinating reading and gave voice to things RVers experience but may not put into words. It is an excellent book for those thinking about the RV lifestyle and to give to relatives of RVers to get insight in the lifestyle. Current RVers will enjoy the book and find it helpful, particularly at transition points in their lives.

This book is for you if:

  • You know/love someone who is an RVer
  • You own (or are shopping for) an RV
  • You are facing retirement
  • You want to run your own life/career
  • You want to be more than a tourist
  • You want to improve your relationships
  • You want your family and friends to support your choices
  • You want to age with grace and wisdom

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