The Escapees Club  is reporting a few Flying J truck stops with RV dump stations are beginning to charge a use fee. They contacted Flying J and received the following statement from their customer loyalty department:

To continue providing waste dump station services at Flying J, we are instituting a $10 fee to customers using this service. This has become necessary to cover the increasing costs of offering this amenity. These additional fees include:

• Escalating expenses associated with normal usage and the misuse and abuse of waste dump stations
• Rising costs from local sewer treatment service providers
• Increasing expenditures linked to stringent corporate responsibilities

For our best customers, those that are members of Flying J’s Frequent Fueler and RV Real Value clubs, a $5.00 dump station coupon will be added to their card based on fuel purchases. The club member must present their card to cashier at point of purchase to receive the discount.

We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to offer the best services and facilities in the industry.

Flying J also stated that the program is being implemented at all Flying J locations in the next week. Some will be monitored by a device that will allow you to pay at the dump, others will require the customer to come inside to pay for the service. Be aware that you will soon be required to pay a fee to use the RV dump at Flying J.

20 Responses to “Flying J truck stops charging for RV dump stations”

  • Gerry k:

    Good bye flying j. You limited the one cent savings to ?1.00 per month and now the dump fee. Real customer oriented. My Rv has wheels, your service plaza does not.
    I can go elsewhere , you really do not need us rv’ers

  • Carl H:

    I suggest that ALL RVers use the dump service and pay the 10.00. THEN when you pay the ten dollar chintzy fee for this service explain to them that your 75 gallon (or larger) gas tank will be filled at Loves or ANYWHERE else than Flying J. If everyone did that they would get that stingy little pissy price off the dump. I will believe their spin about their expenses WHEN THEY CHARGE PEOPLE TO USE THEIR TOILETS. Try that one and see how fast they loose their shirts. As for me I am already doing what I suggested above. Come on RVers STICK TOGETHER AND WE WILL CHANGE THIS!

  • Christian:

    I love Carl H.’s idea – I can fill my truck up anywhere – and get more rewards. I think had they at least /started/ with a more reasonable fee Flying J would have less backlash, but from $0.00 to $10.00 overnight seems both unreasonable and extortionate.

    Everytime you see a fellow RVer just tell them the deal and offer them alternatives, particularly when you are at the Flying J dumping your blackwater. If their policies can change overnight, so can ours – poor business sense on their part.

  • Bill B:

    This has always been a courtesy for purchasing Flying J Diesel and gasoline at the RV pumps however this BS about increased cost is just that. It’s not as if they just installed the dump station and had the installation costs to contend with, most Flying J’s have had these service in place for many years. In fact avoid the Carlisle Flying J, on I-81, not only did they charge the dump fee but failed to provide flush water as well and when questioned about it they were just plain rude and discourteous All I can say “J” is good bye. It will be worth not going out of my to purchase fuel and pay a dump fee as well.

  • John A:

    Glad I saw this.I just bought an RV and am going to take the family on a cross country trip.I was making a list of Flying J stations across the US.I’ll be making other plans,no hard feelings Flying Js.

  • Steve D:

    We have a Flying J about an hour from our home that we stop at every time we head out on a trip, we fill up (at least $300) & normally grab something to eat & misc. items (at least $20 or more). If we are on a long trip we will find a Flying J & spend the same kind of money there as well, & on our way home we will always stop to dump our waste & fill with enough fuel to get home & back to Flying J for the next trip. On any of our NASCAR trips or weekend runs to Gatlinburg we will spend at least $500 to $800 or more at Flying J. We have done this for at least the past 10 years because they have always welcomed the RVers with there own fueling stations, parking & FREE dump station. So for Flying J to now say that I will have to pay $5 (since I have a card) to dump waste at the same location that I have dumped at for years for FREE tells me that the thousands of dollars that we spend with them every year is not enough for them to continue to provide the dump service as a courtesy to there loyal RVers. So the way we see it Flying J doesn’t seem to realize that some of the things they did for RVers is the reason why the RVers spent so much money with them every year. We will now use the truck stop across the street since the money we spend with them every year is not enough, it just seems like one more way to gouge the RVer that already has to spend tons of money a year just to use our RECREATIONAL VEHICLES & they must not realize how tight the RVing community really is!!!!

  • Dale:

    Other than campgrounds, what other options do RV’rs have when dumping. I too am about to buy an RV and would love some advice.
    Thanks in advance

  • Ron:

    Come on already. Pay the ten bucks!
    Tight wadds…want everything for nothin’

  • Paul:

    Besides the RV charge, the propane guy told me they changed propane companies, and guess what – they could not get the hose to fit the tank on
    my Minne Winnie. The guy really tried about 10 times but it wouldn’t connect. Had filled up propane a dozen times at this place (Carney’s Point
    NJ) with no problem until tonight. Then I try to at least dump and they want 10 bucks. Really sad
    how far down the tubes the service has gone here.

  • ron:

    Send Flying J an email and send to Pilot since they now own Flying J. I stopped using Pilot years ago, it is always a pain to get fuel and pay at the counter, they are tototly disorganized.

  • Floyd Winfield:

    I have been full time in my motor home since ’96 and have found the Flying J’s very convenient when travelling. I have come to depend on them and I always thought that they appreciated my business.

    Now it is disheartening to find out that Flying J looks at me as just another source of money for their over-priced gas. When I refuel at Flying J,
    I spend from $75 to $200 for gas plus up to $20 for incidentals such as food, oil, snacks and other miscellaneous items. I always figured that
    spending this amount of money would more than offset the cost of my using their dump station.

    I will continue to do business with Flying J by using their dump station and paying the $10 fee.
    Once I have dumped, I will climb back in my motor
    home and drive to the nearest Walmart and fill my gas tank and pay Walmart the $75 to $200 that I would have spent at Flying J.

    Good luck with your new profit center Flying J. With this $10 fee every time an RV’er dumps, you may be able to avoid bankruptcy!!

    Floyd Winfield

    A loyal Flying J customer……till now! Walmart,
    here I come!

  • Alice:

    We just came back from a round trip cross country trip lasting 6 months. We spent about $2000 on gas and incidentals and NOT ONE PENNY at Flying J. Normally we would spend all of our gas money at Flying J because of the dump stations. Many Love’s and TA’s have FREE dump stations as well as rest areas. Perhaps Flying J will NOTICE that their RV business is diminished.

  • Robert W. LaValley:

    I can understand the $10.00 fee if the user does not purchase fuel, etc. but when you purchase fuel it seems that there should be no charge. When I fuel up it is usually at least $200.00 diesel and then to wack a sewer fee is rediculous.
    By the way a lot of Love’s have FREE dump stations.
    Guess whereI’ll be fueling up at.

  • Joe Grave:

    I also used a J last weekend spent over 300.00 on gas had to buy a card to save 5.00 . The dump station had no hose to clean-up after no paper towels nothing I was so pissed I left them a very large mess to clean up not due to spite due to no way to clean up after myself. hope they enjoy the mess, cause it will be the last. Once again GREED prevails hope they make plans to take the money withem

  • Stan:

    I will not pay this charge. With a little planning I can do just fine without flying J. I wonder if flying J can do just fine without me and I hope a few thousand other RV people. To get my message thru, I have started (if I have time and feel like it) pulling into F J fuel/dump station, getting out of my RV, looking at pay/instruction stand, shake my head and get back into RV and drive off, hoping some manager sees another lost $200 sale and no $10 either!

  • Steve:

    I will not spend one cent in a flying j now.

  • Cheryl:

    I agree with you all. We will pay if we have to to dump but, will not buy gas at flying J. It should be a courtsey to the customer when they fill up. It use to be 3 cents off per gallon when you fill up but even that want pay for the dump station. Goodbye flying J. State parks will let you dump for a fee and they are not $10. Some private parks will let you dump too. We dumped and filled up with water in a private park in Kansas a few years ago and it was $3.00.There’s places out there I like the above sites of RV dumps. I will add them to them as we travel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • phil c:

    I don’t see the big deal . If you don’t dump then things start to stink. 10.00 come on now, most people spend more than that on cigarettes a day. I will gladly use the service.

  • Nick:

    I agree, given Flying J’s fuel prices, I will pay the $10.00 and fuel up at Sheetz for almost $1.00 less per gal for diesel. At 120 gallons, its a win/lose. Win for me, lose for them.

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