monopoly go to jailFlorida requires you to buckle up if you are driving a car. But what if the car is in your campground and not on the roadway. Is that an exception?

Camper Charles Ross was getting ready to leave his campground driving his car. He said he had just left his driveway and was still in the campground.

Ross said a Nassau County Sheriff’s Office deputy was on the property for something else but noticed that he was not wearing his seat belt.

“He said ‘I see you don’t have your seat belt on, I said ‘yes sir I will by the time I hit (Highway) 17.'”

U.S. Highway 17 is the main road to and from the privately operated campground where Ross lives.

“He wrote me a ticket for no seat belt,” said Ross, “I was surprised, I’m on private property.”

Ross was given a $101 ticket for violation of the seat belt law.

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