Lubbock, Texas – Residents of Camelot RV Park and Loop 289 RV Park depend on oversized propane tanks to get them through the winter. They say they are virtually hassle free because the propane company comes to them to refuel. But this convenient practice will soon change, an overlooked city ordinance has declared it unsafe.

RV park residents will have to switch over to much smaller propane tanks that require more work.

Fire Marshal Garett Nelson said, their lives may depend on it.

“What I don’t want is the tanker truck going in to residential areas and filling the tanks, that’s where the potential for a problem occurs,” Nelson said.

“RV’s have their appliances on the outside of the trailer and they intake air and combustion air from the outside, and their pilot light is also on the outside,” Nelson said. “So if you do have that flame of gas now you have ready ignition starters all around.”

Nelson said a code was put in place around 1955 that banned the tanks from residential areas. It was rewritten around the year 2000 because of Y2K fears. But gas companies have been installing the large tanks for the past several years, without the proper permit. They went unnoticed by the city until a concerned citizen placed a phone call.
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