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LITTLETON, NH — Joseph and Barbara DiPierre, owners of Crazy Horse Campground, continue to believe they are correct in their appeal to the zoning board. Even with the feeling that right is on their side, the DiPierre’s may give up the struggle.

Starting in August 2012, the couple sent several letters to the town regarding their belief that Wal-Mart needed a special exception to allow camper and RV parking.

Via phone last week, Barbara DiPierre said the effort has been long and expensive. “It has already cost us $6,000,” DiPierre said.

After a series of correspondence with zoning officer Christopher Hodge, the DiPierre’s filed an appeal with the zoning board in September. They wanted the board to overturn Hodge’s decision that Wal-Mart was not in violation of town zoning rules by allowing RV parking on its Meadow Street lot.

The reason the fight may be abandoned, DiPierre said, was a sense the couple can’t win.

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Editor’s note: I’ve written two editorials regarding  campground/RV park owners dislike of RVers parking at Walmart and other locations.

Read the latest editorial: RV Park & Campground Owners are Whining Again!

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3 Responses to “Campground Owners May Abandon Wal-Mart RV Parking Battle”

  • Trying to get city officials to pass ordinances designed to aid any business is dead wrong. You fight competition with better service and offering what people want, not by trying to force them to use your services.
    Jim Foreman

  • Carol:

    I think these campground owners are mistaken. Folks who are parking in walmart lots are looking for free or low cost over nights as they are just passing thru. Not everyone can afford to spend upwards of $30 per night just to park and sleep, many are full timers or on their way to a far away land and cash is at a premium. It is my understanding that walmarts do not allow extended stays. What will this campground owners want next , to ban rest areas?

  • Frank Yake:

    Pathetic! I’ve never actually stayed overnight in a Walmart lot, but just because I own an RV doesn’t mean I’m required to patronize one business over another. How little these campground owners must think of their offerings if they’re angry at a store which offers no hookups, no grass, and a rather stark atmosphere!

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