Blessed with an exuberant personality and an infectious can-do attitude, Wolfsen, 66, is setting out on a most unique mission. He plans to visit all 48 continental states on his tractor — pulling a 20-foot travel trailer behind him, by the by— to raise awareness and funds for the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee and Food Resource Bank.

He figures his unusual mode of transportation should draw the first round of attention. Then if he can just have a chance to talk to people about what he’s doing, and why, it should be mission easily accomplished.

“I figure this is my job for the next 75 days,” Tractor Dave says. “This is what I’m going to do.”

He plans on driving a good 120 miles per day, making time on country roads and byways not too busy for his tractor and the travel trailer that will be his home away from home. He’s sought out routes without bridges or highways to traverse.

And he’s been forced to plan for days he won’t see a gas station. He and Brinkman “think” the tractor has a 10-gallon gas tank. Or maybe it holds 12 gallons.

He’s prepared to ride long and hard. But even if he drives 10 hours, he says, for a guy who grew up on a dairy farm with a tough work ethic, “it’s still a short day.”

Gregarious by nature, Wolfsen hopes to stop at churches at the end of every day to talk about his mission, and maybe even pick up a meal and socialize with people along the way.

“I figure there’s someone who will know someone up the road aways. They can point me in the right direction, kick me in the pants and say to go,” he says.

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