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>CAMAS VALLEY — A Camas Valley resident lost his home to a fire Friday evening, officials said Saturday.

Camas Valley Rural Fire District responded to a 5:18 p.m. report of a motor home fire at 1300 Upper Camas Road, district Fire Chief Clayton Casteel said.

“It was pretty much fully engulfed when they got there,” he said. He said firefighters put the fire out in about 20 minutes.

The motor home was a total loss as were its contents. Neil Webster had been staying in the motor home while working as a caretaker on the property, Casteel said.

A fire marshal had been to the scene and had determined the fire was caused by a leak in a line that ran from an outside propane tank into the motor home.
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Black & Decker START IT 450 Amp Jump Starter/Inflator
The Black & Decker Jump-Starter/Inflator has 450 instant amps to start your car in the unlikely event that your battery goes dead. You can never count on finding someone to jump-start your car, even if you have a set of jumper cables. The Jump-Starter/Inflator will alleviate this worry by giving you the power you need to do it yourself.

Portable and Powerful: The Jump-Starter/Inflator is portable, cordless, and rechargeable. It features a 12-volt DC power supply and 450 amp instant starting power for nearly any vehicle. It is so versatile it will power coolers, air compressors, inverters, spotlights, and almost anything that uses a car charger attachment, even cell phones and laptops.

>Quinebagoes do not believe in roughing it while camping out. Rather than a tent and sleeping bag, they camp in heated or air-conditioned bliss with all the comforts of home — from full bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens and living rooms with cable television.

The camping group also believes in sharing the wealth and sent a generous donation to the Telegram & Gazette Santa Fund, along with a note from club treasurer John A. Hatch of Lakeshore Drive in Spencer. He said, “The Quinebagoes of Massachusetts would like to donate to the Santa Fund. Merry Christmas!”

Mr. Tonken said the Quinebagoes often make charitable donations, explaining that the Quinebagoes are a camping club, which is open to any owner of a Winnebago or Itasca motor home. An Itasca is made by the same company as the Winnebago, but has “nicer inside detail.”

First, the recreational vehicle owners join the Winnebago Itasca Travelers Club, which makes them eligible to join the Quinebagoes in Central or Western Massachusetts or to join the Bradford Brigade in Eastern Massachusetts.

“Some of us also belong to the Pilgrim Winnies state club,” he said. Massachusetts members are also free to join the Rhodey Winnies, state club of Rhode Island, and the Connecticut Winnies state club.
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Magna 3000 (2600 Watt) Portable Inverter Generator
Magna generators are state-of-the-art power generators. They are small, efficient and quiet operation, these generators will run longer and cost you less while providing the best power output in the industry. The Magna 3000 Watt digital inverter generator is very similar to the Honda EU2000i but with more power.

It has a built-in 30 AMP (TT-30R) standard RV receptacle. You don’t need any adapter or loss of power for RV connection. Pure sinewave output makes it safe for sensitive electronics like personal computers, TVs and other electronics.

The Magna 3000 Watt can handle many of the newer high efficiency 13,500 BTU rooftop RV AC units. Has more reserve power to start the RV air conditioner without overload. Most RV AC need 4000 Watts for 2 seconds at cool start and this Magna 3000 can handle it. Rated frequency (Hz) 60, Rated voltage (V) 120 only, Rated current (A) 22.5, Rated speed 900 RPM to 5000 RPM, Rated output power 2,500 Watts, Max output power 2,600 Watts

Fuel tank capacity 1.75 gallons Variable engine speed with Econo Throttle, High quality 150 cc EPA certified engine. 1 year warranty.

>Walt Disney World is renowned for its extravagant holiday displays during the holidays.

From the Osborne lights at the Hollywood Studios, to the giant Christmas tree at Epcot, almost every corner of the resort brings a bit of that wintertime feeling to Central Florida.
But if you get just a bit further away from the holiday glitz of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, there is a 700-acre woodland space that offers a more rustic feel for the holidays — the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

Originally conceived by Walt Disney himself, with the original plans for Disney World, the campground is a mixture of wilderness cabins, RV campsites and tent sites.

Some of the most magical displays you will find anywhere at Walt Disney World can be found amongst the RV campers at the campsites at Fort Wilderness.

Many of the campers in the RV section of the campground, are seasonal guests, Sam Gates, a manager at Fort Wilderness, said.
“They have their favorite campsites, that they are at year after year,” he said.

And those RV’s usually aren’t just packed with food and other items you would pack for a vacation. Almost all of the winter regulars bring with them dozens of holiday inflatables, usually with a Disney theme, that seemingly occupy just about every square inch of their campsites.
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Drive Your Motorhome Like a Pro
Learn how… and why…to drive a motorhome the right, safe way. In this 67-minute DVD, RVer/tour bus driver Lorrin Walsh. and host Mark Polk show you everything you need to know to confidently drive a motorhome. This should be essential viewing for novice motorhome drivers, but even experienced RVers will learn things they don’t know.

Get Mark Polk’s Class A Motorhome 101 RV DVD All of Mark’s DVD’s offer practical information and he has one for every RV type. Find all the RV Education 101 DVDs here.

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