Steve Hingtgen of Montpelier, Vermont has already had multiple careers, but one of his hobbies, restoring vintage travel trailers, has completely taken over his professional life.

Hingtgen is the president of Vintage Trailer Supply, a growing company housed in a small brick storefront on Barre Street in Montpelier. Hingtgen started the company, originally called, about a decade and a half ago with an architect friend from California who advised him that his little hobby was to explode in popularity.

By all rights, Hingtgen’s Vintage Trailer Supply should be located in southern California, what Hingtgen calls the “epicenter” of the vintage trailer craze, but it’s located instead in Vermont because that’s where Hingtgen wants to bring up his children.

Luckily, the Internet means Hingtgen’s company can market and sell its replacement parts — like taillights, door handles, and vent caps — to owners of vintage trailers all over the world, and ship them from a tidy warehouse in Montpelier, where a handful of employees stock parts and ship them out.

Hingtgen’s company now supplies windows, doors, chassis components, awnings, lighting and electrical systems, appliances, polishing and protectant products — just about everything needed to maintain or remodel a vintage trailer — and the parts list is growing.

Hingtgen’s growing business and growing family mean his visits to the Hardwick barn are few and far between. Ironically, the old hobby that started it all is taking a backseat.

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With their biggest celebration weekend ahead, Rock Creek Marina and Campground, Clinton County, Iowa recreational facility, closed its gate on Monday after water began spilling into campgrounds and submerged the grounds’ only entry point.

As of Tuesday the river was observed at approximately 19 feet, 2 feet above flood stage and rising quickly. By Thursday, the National Weather Service expects the river will crest at nearly 21 feet.

A big reason why that water is rising so rapidly is because of heavy and consistent rain in northern Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota, according to NWS meteorologist Dave Cousins.

Cousins added that Dubuque had 12.57 inches of rain in June, about 8 inches above normal, all of which is adding to the flooding troubles faced in Camanche and the surrounding areas.

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monopoly go to jail

If you park your boat or RV on your front lawn you could be looking at a $250 a day fine in Bossier City, Louisiana.

The ordinance was passed by Bossier City Council members Tuesday evening during their regular council meeting.

The ordinance states that residents cannot park their boat or recreational vehicle on the grass in their front or side yard. It also says residents cannot park them in the street if emergency vehicles can’t get around them or it obstructs the view of other drivers.

A handful of opponents voiced their opposition to the new rule but council members told residents in attendance that they received numerous phone calls in support of the ordinance.

Residents may have about 90 days to comply before police officers start issuing tickets.

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